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Criminal Justice

If you’re looking to study criminal justice, you will be challenged to answer questions such as: Why do people offend? How do we manage the problem of crime? Does the criminal justice system work? 

This vibrant, intellectually stimulating, student and employment-centred degree explores criminal behaviour and the societal/institutional responses to it through engaging debates interdisciplinary approaches to analysis, critical thinking and sociological and psychological understanding. 

As you progress on the course you will undertake a work-related learning module that will directly enhance your working knowledge of the criminal justice sector. As well as providing you with a solid foundation for professional training in a variety of roles, this experience also has direct relevance for graduates seeking entry into non-statutory bodies concerned with welfare rights, the care and resettlement of offenders, civil liberties, and support services in the community. 

Recent graduates have pursued roles in organisations such as local government, the Police, HM Prison Services, Youth Justice and the National Probation Services, education institutions or within community or voluntary organisations. The academic rigour and research element within this degree means that it also provides a firm foundation for postgraduate work with many graduates continuing to challenging their inquiring and curious mind-set by pursing postgraduate study in the form of a MA in Criminology. 

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