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Counselling and Relationship Studies

Our innovative relational therapy courses will enable you to access unique opportunities to study counselling modalities and techniques and tailor your therapeutic practice accordingly. 

Building on the relational expertise of our tutor team, you will be studying at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. We provide the opportunity to explore a range of theoretical modalities and facilitate their integration within a robust therapeutic practice model. 

Our innovative programmes of study enable you to gain the knowledge and skills required to work as a highly ethical and professional clinical practitioner, integrating different counselling models, tailoring them to meet your clients’ unique needs. You will be encouraged to use reflexivity to examine your own constructs and their impact on practice.  

Looking to expand your theoretical grounding and professional skills in Relationship Studies or Psychosexual Therapy? Our contemporary Masters’ courses provide the opportunity to specialise in working with a wide range of clients, including couples and families, and developing highly effective ways to help clients find solutions to their current concerns. 

Our Counselling and Relationship Studies courses