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Lynsey Searle

MSc Contemporary Psychosexual Therapy

I’m a practising counsellor and love the work. Throughout my undergraduate degree I knew I wanted to specialise in sex therapy and undertake a Masters’ course that allows me to specialise in gender, sexuality, and relationship diversity. There were options closer to home, but the contemporary nature of the topics and discussions drew me to Doncaster’s programme. The flexible mixture of online and weekend delivery works well for my current circumstances. I am absolutely loving the programme and am currently working on my dissertation.

As a polyamorous-friendly counsellor I identified that there has been very little research on the boundaries between polyamorous therapists and polyamorous clients, given the potential for a dual relationship when considering smaller, potentially close-knit communities. I held semi-structured interviews with several polyamorous therapists that have polyamorous clients to explore how and where boundaries are set, and whether being a part of the community impacts on this. l am now analysing the interviews and my initial reflections are highlighting that boundaries are negotiated, and the benefits of early communication to pre-empt any potential conflicts of interest.

Writing my dissertation demonstrates the benefits of discussion and negotiated contracts when working within these small communities. I have found the programme overall and the research around my dissertation incredibly valuable to inform my future practice.