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Liz McKittrick

BA (Hons) English

I had always wanted to do a degree and thought well, why not? I had self-published a fiction book Valiant Tails: The Cat Mafia and thought an English degree would be both interesting and valuable. The degree has been amazing, there is so much more to the course than I imagined there would be, and it’s broadened my mind in every way.

My dissertation is around post-colonialism in India, I have always had a love for travel, have lived in another country and I have always had an interest in the Orient, right from being young and reading Rudyard Kipling. Researching for and writing my dissertation has been a process, and the focus has developed with the reading. I noticed that in each of the novels I had chosen there was a character that is an empowered woman and wondered if she was a symbol of Queen Victoria and imperialism. I have enjoyed the process of writing the dissertation, writing such a big piece of work can seem overwhelming but I found breaking it up into chunks really helps.

I’ve really enjoyed learning and developing and the focus completing a dissertation brings. I am considering a Masters next and I would love to continue writing, however perhaps more academic writing than fiction in the future. There are so many options in front of me at the moment and I’m looking forward to what is next and continuing to learn and stretch my mind.