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Keighley Davies

BA (Hons) English

I returned to education as a mature learner, restarting this journey at GCSE level and completing an Access course. I felt I was at a crossroad and decided now was the time for me to complete a university level programme. I had really enjoyed GCSE English and I was both surprised and pleased that I could do this locally. I have enjoyed it so much that I wish I could do it again and I am really looking forward to completing my Masters at Doncaster too.

For my dissertation I have analysed 3 novels, looking at female disempowerment across these in relation to slavery, marriage and even how females can disempower each other. I found the marriage aspect really interesting; I hadn’t really thought about how marriage could be restrictive for females before and hadn’t expected it to come out as such a clear theme. I know themes such as disempowerment in marriage and slavery are not new topics, but I do feel it is important to carry on talking about these things openly.

The programme overall and the dissertation has really helped me develop key skills such as analytical thinking and I find I now analyse everything I read and watch for what the writer is saying underneath the story. I would love to take the skills I have learnt and go into education myself, particularly adult education. I came into education slightly later in life and I would like to inspire others in the way I was inspired.