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James Whitaker BA(HONS)

HE Lecturer


I’ve been working in education for the past two years after working as a freelancer. In my previous work, I had the opportunity to work on multiple projects across various disciplines in the creative industries. These include video editing, visual effects, XR workflows, 3D modelling, and animation, among others. Currently, I am a Lecturer at University Campus, Doncaster, where I apply the skills and knowledge, I’ve gained over the years to help my students achieve their goals.


I completed a foundation degree in Game Development at Wakefield College University Centre, followed by a degree in Live Visual Design and Production at Backstage Academy. With a keen eye for industry trends and an ongoing commitment to my own professional development, I have transitioned to a career in education while maintaining an active freelance practice. Currently, I am pursuing a Master of Arts degree in computer animation at Sheffield Hallam University to deepen my knowledge and refine my skills. Among my recent endeavours, I have collaborated on multiple projects involving two XR production technology, which has expanded my skillset beyond conventional approaches.


BA (Hons) Games Development and Visual Effects

Creative Media Production (Games Development)

Creative Media Production (Visual Effects)

Level 3 NextGen (Games, Animation, Visual Effects)

Industry Experience/ Publications / Portfolio

2 XR Productions/Shows as 3D and VFX artist.

2 Years as a technical and content manager.

2 Audio-visual shows at the Prague quadrennial 2019 (media clown and 36Q).

Audio Visual install technician on a range of show shows/exhibits and short films

Usability testing for a multitude of games