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University Campus Doncaster Unveils State of the Art Anatomage Suite

Posted: 3 June 2024

University Campus Doncaster is proud to announce the investment in an Anatomage Table, a groundbreaking tool in medical education that provides students with interactive, 3D visualisations of human anatomy.

Our £131,000 investment in the new Anatomage Suite and resources showcases our commitment to cutting-edge educational tools. In addition to the table, we have equipped students with iPads and VR headsets to enhance the interactivity and engagement of our teaching.

This advanced technology enhances learning through detailed, lifelike representations, enabling virtual dissections and hands-on experiences. The Anatomage Table allows students to explore anatomical structures in-depth, manipulate views, and simulate real-life medical scenarios, effectively preparing them for medical practice.

Gillian Reid, Head of School for Health, Education and Sport, states: “Our mission is to deliver high-quality education and training that meets the needs of individuals, businesses, and the wider community. By integrating advanced technology like the Anatomage Table into our curriculum, we continue to lead in educational innovation and excellence. This significant investment demonstrates our commitment to providing our students with the best possible educational experience and preparing them for successful careers in the health sector.”