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The programme allows me to tailor my studies towards autism, which has been useful in my current role, has been great for my personal development and it will hopefully also support further career development.

I’ve really enjoyed all the modules and have found them useful and relevant in my current practice. We recently completed a module around leadership and management which was perfect timing to help support my line management responsibilities and my dissertation has resulted in changes within my setting. I am incredibly passionate about remaining in a role that supports children with special educational needs, and I am considering building on my current knowledge with a Masters.

Emma Russell BA (Hons) Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Top Up


I had always wanted to do a degree and thought well, why not? I had self-published a fiction book and thought an English degree would be both interesting and valuable. The degree has been amazing, there is so much more to the course than I imagined there would be, and it’s broadened my mind in every way.

I’ve really enjoyed learning and developing and the focus completing a dissertation brings. I am considering a Masters next and I would love to continue writing, however perhaps more academic writing than fiction in the future. There are so many options in front of me at the moment and I’m looking forward to what is next and continuing to learn and stretch my mind.

Liz McKittrick BA (Hons) English


The tutors at Doncaster have been a great support and that’s made a massive difference. I chose to do my dissertation on the impact of outdoor environments on children’s social and emotional development. There is more and more research highlighting how important this is and how disadvantaged children have been impacted by a lack of outdoor play during the pandemic.

When I think of three years back, this course has completely changed my views and opinions on child development and I use what I’ve learnt a lot, including in my own parenting and life skills! I feel a lot more confident and knowledgeable to be able to deliver high quality interaction with children.

Rebecca Gunning BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies